Blogging 101 Introduction

Hi, I’m Laura and I live in the UK. I’m a 2nd year PhD researcher conducting a community based action research project. I’m planning a training programme for professionals responding to mothers who have become, or are at risk of becoming, separated from their children in a context of violence and abuse.

I’ve been inspired to keep a research blog by a blogger called Pat Thomson, @patter, whose blog about PhD research and academic writing has had me meaning to start a blog for nearly a year now. Pat’s recent post on the pros and cons of a research blog finally convinced me to start blogging – so here I am.

I am planning on using this blog to reflect on my research. I’m blogging publicly, rather than only keeping a journal, in order to collect opinions and data, and to share ideas. I will be writing about all aspects of my research, including important events such as conferences and planning meetings. Writing about my research includes autoethnography as I am also part of the community that I am researching.

I was very pleased to see that the launch of my blog was swiftly followed by Blogging 101 because I saw this opportunity come and go before when I had no blog. I am very happy to be taking part this time and look forward to the challenges. I would love to connect with academics, practitioners and mothers apart who might be interested in my research.

About Dr Laura Monk

My doctoral research investigated how to improve professionals' responses to mothers who become separated from their children. I developed a training workshop for the professionals who mothers come into contact with - largely at the intersection of health and social care, the family courts and domestic abuse services. I am also a counsellor and psychotherapist and I run self-care retreats for practitioners in Spain and the UK
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